Qtech Human Resources !!!

Qtech Solutions Inc.  having offices in New Jersey, California and India is a S-Corporation Company founded and established on 20th January 2000. We are E-learning and Professional Training Delivery Organization providing training and services for various students, professionals and institutions globally. Qtech's Staff and its Professional advisors bring their technical, scientific, regulatory and informative management experience to deliver timely, accurate, cost-effective programs, which will help its users to apply the learning direct into business.
The Mission of Qtech-Sol is to provide high quality of professional training in the areas of Clinical Research, Advancing computer technologies, Drug Safety and SAS Professional Functional Training; which will improve the software skills, technical knowledge and productivity of individuals and organizations significantly.
The Qtech-Sol upholds a set of core values, which include:

Qtech Solutions Inc, works for excellence, Puts all the effort to achieve Best Quality Output, with the best supporting team (All Employees and Management),in right time ,and in right Way. At all times, employee represents the corporation, and each one of our employee take this responsibility seriously. Our corporation exists with our employees joint efforts.
A great many people outside the business who invest their time, money and faith in us are part of that equation. They are our clients who will determine how fast we grow, how many people we will employ, how many products we produce, how much service we render and the profit we make. In order to retain these clients, we want to ensure that our good service continues by always giving our clients the best possible value and quality. Working together and working well provides us with a bright future and with the most important commodity, a good reputation.