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Join hands with Qtech and become leading company to provide Clinical Research, Clinical Data Management, Clinical SAS & Pharmacovigilance services to pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.
Qtech Specialize in developing and deliver Job Oriented Internship and Training Programs to professionals and fresh students to get familiar with client setting, tasks assigned and work culture of Title based jobs. Our programs best suit candidates having urge to make career pathways and looking to expand career opportunities as highly skilled professionals in Clinical Science and Healthcare Business Domains. The programs are delivered using various simulation methods to meet the job specific requirements. The focus is meeting client's needs, industry trends, current regulations, and positions in demand. All programs are supervised and conducted by industry professionals. Qtech University Alliance programs meets the compliance and follow the guidelines required.
Clinical Research is a rapidly expanding field, creating exciting job opportunities. Clinical Data Management (CDM) and Drug safety / Pharmacovigilance is the fastest growing and possibly the most profitable segment in Bio Services industry. The global clinical trial service market was worth an estimated $38.4 B in 2015, and is expected to grow up to $64 B by 2020. Over 70% of all clinical trial services will be outsourced by 2020, which is nearly 3 of every 4 clinical trials conducted.
QTECH SOLUTIONS INC, Doing Business As "Qtech-Sol Professional Development Center" (QPDC) is a Professional and Management Development Training Organization (NAICS 611430). We develop various Job Oriented Training Programs to individual students, looking to expand career opportunities as highly skilled professionals. E-verified with Immigration. .
The Training's are provided to individuals and corporate through employers training programs and to those who have been recommended and approved by NJ Workforce. Our courses are customized and modified to meet the job market. Our Instructions is provided thru our custom-built Learning Management System as distance-learning (Online). The training provided has simulation methods and client settings required for student online learning.
Our Clinical Science Programs are Approved by New Jersey Department of Education and NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development.
Program Delivery Models:
  • PIP - Pure Internet Programs
    • Self-Paced Online - 45 Days Career Advancement programs for Professionals
  • INT - Training as Internship Programs
    • Self-Paced Online - 30 days Learning Experience Programs for Fresh Graduates
  • STU - Client Setting Programs as Internship
    • Self-Paced Online - 40 Days Free Programs for University / College Students
  • PVS State Funded Programs
    • On-Site / WebEx (Online) - 45 days Career Changer Programs
  • PAE Program Awareness Enrollment
    • Free Seminars Career Advancement Discussions

Current Programs

  • Drug Safety / Pharmacovigilance Associate
    • Basics, Advanced, Project Management
  • Clinical Research Associate / Coordinator
    • Basics, Advanced, Project Management
  • Clinical Research Data Management
  • SAS Programming Basics
    • Base, SQL, Macros
  • SAS Programming Advanced
    • Stat, Graphs
  • Clinical Data Oriented Training - Projects
  • Healthcare Business Analysis

Unpaid Internship programs

  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Drug Safety / Pharmacovigilance
  • Clinical Research Data Management
  • Healthcare Business Analysis
  • Clinical SAS Programmer

Franchiser Licensee Support

  • Franchiser LMS & Super Administrative Panel maintenance
  • Access to Student Material and Delivery
  • Course Extension and Second Attempt Exam access
  • Tracking student progress and Certificate Issuance
  • Feedbacks and Testimonials
  • Franchiser Administrative Support
  • Client Engagement and Procurement Agreements
  • New Product launch
  • Qtech Shopping Cart for Global Student Enrollment
  • Accounting & Disbursements of Funds
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