Clinical research and data management positions are some of the most in demand fields of the twenty first century, and those numbers are only continuing to rise. Whether you’re a student, looking to make a career change or prepare yourself for entering the workforce, or an employer, looking for a sharp, smart analyst to help manage your clinical trials, Qtech Solutions, Inc is here to help this growing field find the quality candidates it needs.

Qtech Solutions Inc is a professional and management development training organization, specializing in providing full service training solutions for clinical trial and drug safety compliance. Our wide experience encompasses a range of training solutions in various areas, designed to help manage clinical trial phases, pharmacovigilance operations, study designs and more! Since 2000, we have devoted our attention to the clinical science field, expanding our expertise to provide various training and consulting solutions.

We strive to provide best-in-class, job-oriented career development through self-paced online training programs. Our programs are job focused, helping to provide practical experience that will help transform our students into highly skilled professionals. We are approved by the State of New Jersey with both the Department of Education and the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Customized for the in-demand career paths in today’s market, our short duration courses are delivered through our specially designed learning management system and includes simulation methods to help put their training into a real-world context.

Our   Expertise

Clinical Trial Process Management
Clinical Trial Monitoring
Drug Safety Associate
Pharmacovigilance Practices
Quality Assurance and Auditing
Study Start Up Services
Feasibility and Site Selection
Clinical Research Data Management
Bio-Statistics (SAS)
Adverse Event and Medical Monitoring
Managed Care Solutions (Health Care Business Analysis)

Step Forward into the
Next Phase of Your Career

Don’t allow yourself to stagnate in a job that isn’t enhancing your career. Our courses can provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to break through and take the next step forward. Qtech Solutions Inc is ready to help you pursue your future and build a better life and career!




Our variety of online training programs will help you move forward in your career, whether you’re looking to pursue a clinical research position, or are leaning more towards statistics and analysis. These self-propelled programs will provide you the experience you need to help take the next step professionally.


Join hands with Qtech Solutions Inc and become a leading company providing clinical research, clinical data management, and clinical SAS and pharmacovigilance services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Become one of our licensees and start building the workforce of the future.



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